About Me

I have worked in the field for 40+ years on LMR equipment, repeaters, and microwave equipment.  I originally learned my craft in the service in VietNam, Korea, and Thailand.  The actual group was the Army Security Agency and with that i can say no more.  I did spend a year teaching other recruits.  Since then I have worked on the bench primarily on two way radios and network equipment, along with a heavy dose of microwave.  I also spent some time building cellular systems for Verizon, before all the mergers and also a contract engineer for Technical Wireless Solutions doing engineering for Sprint cellular, AT&T, and Nortel Networks, basically all over the United States.  Most recently I was a project manager for a 440 mile microwave network for the Department of The Interior.

Other things that I actually like to do in my spare time is hiking in the forested areas in the high Cascades close to Eugene.  Riding motorcycles are my outlet when needed.  I also enjoy most sports and pretty much IMG_5596watch them now instead of play as my surgeon said on two new hips it is not good to run on them as it tends wear them out quicker.  To soon to even know if I can run on them as the muscles are still readjusting to their new length.  Hunting and target shooting are other activities I enjoy and of course travelling.

Here at the shop we work on Amateur Radios equipment.  All work is done on a prior authorization.  You can contact me via my eMail and requires the information found on the Contact Us page.  I will send an authorization number and at that time please ship the equipment within a couple of weeks.  Reason for this is that I do not want to get more than two weeks behind, and limited storage.  You will get an email reply when they arrive and then when get an actual cost of repairing them.  I will do my best to reply to all requests within a day but please realize I do not work on weekends or holidays.