In order to give an honest estimate of repair I must almost repair the problem before I can actually say that is all that is required.  With that in mind I have a charge of 40$ for an estimate plus shipping.  If you can please give me a range of prices you would accept so that I can go ahead and do the repair when I am actually working on the radio.  It would shorten the time to return it to you since I will not have to put it back together and get your OK on the repair.

I can accept equipment that has been lightning damaged, bear in mind that it may not be repairable, due to parts availability or just plain old to much damage to be cost effective.  As to equipment that is ten years or older, even here parts may no longer be available, especially if the manufacturer has discontinued the model.  I will do what I can in finding parts, and in some cases we may even have to find a second unit to rob parts out of.  This all goes back to being able to burn your repaired equipment in for 24 hours, as well as actually checking into various nets that we can hear here in the Pacific North West.

Many of my contemporaries do not repair hand held’s, however I can look at them with this in mind, if their are circuit board problems the hand held may not be repairable.  I can however replace volume controls on many of them as well as the push buttons and keypad parts, as long as parts are available.  When sending your email with problems we will discuss the parts problem with a phone call to you or by email depending on how busy I am.

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Throughout my career I have repaired equipment for my fellow hams in the local area as well as caring for and preventive maintenance on ham repeaters co-located at communications sites I serviced, upgraded, and installed commercial communications systems, covering most of Oregon.  Over 40 years of quality service repairing military, commercial, and amateur radio systems and equipment, and I would enjoy providing you with honest, quality repair work.