The shop can not stress enough the importance of packing your radio correctly for shipment.

If you have the original shipping box, use it, and put that box into a larger one with enough room for 2 inches of packing peanuts on all sides.  The shock of a radio being dropped in transit has to be absorbed.

If you do not have the original box,  please double box it anyway with at least a couple layers of thick bubble wrap and then another layer on the front of the radio.  At least three layers over the front to protect the knobs and switches, a fourth would not hurt.

If your radio has long feet please remove them as I do not need them to repair the radio and helps in packing.

ALWAYS insure your radio for replacement value.  I will do the same for the return trip.

Once you get your tracking number ship to the following address.  Also make sure that the package is well marked and a copy of the tracking number and email on inside of package.  Go to the Contact Us page for the tracking number.

Shipping address:

     KCM Radio Works

     775 Fremont Avenue

     Eugene, OR 97404